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Yousaf lives in his father Khalid Khan’s house and the housekeepers have seen him have sex with Laiba but he tells them to keep it a secret, he says, Behram who studies in the University of Malaya in Malaysia, was bragging to his cousins about dating an Iranian girl and sleeping with her in Malaysia, And Abubakr studies in the University of Binghamton in USA, and has a long term girlfriend in America.The whole family knows Abubakr is an atheist, and people often question family members about it and it is so embarrassing and shameful, says their relative.The relative then says that some people in their family heard Abubakr on the phone with his girlfriend when he was here in Pakistan last, he was being very secretive with his phone, and talking to her , she is also not a muslim girl most likely, we dont know her name, but when we find out who she is, we will let you know.All three brothers drink alcohol, it is so shameful to see the way Salma has brought them up!Salma once went to party with Khalid Khan where Imran Khan was present in the early 90s.Salma came back from the party and told everyone how Imran Khan came up to her and started flirting with her, she flirted back, which angered Khalid Khan, Imran Khan mustve noticed Khalid was her husband so left the party and said bye to her.

, Alot of people who know Yousaf Khan have made fun of him behind his back, about his mother going out by herself at the age of 50 to find a husband, starting an affair with such a young man, ruining his first marriage and then marrying him herself! Everyone who knows her 3 sons, is secretly making fun of them behind their backs because of their mother’s 2nd marriage, Their step father is now a man closer in age to them than he is to Salma. , her reputation was already bad from the start but getting married in secret to a guy so young is just over the top’., and they let her get married again, how can they stand the fact that their mother is now having sex with this other man, it is so shameful, and disgusting for every normal Son, but look at her behaya sons!!No shareef Single woman in Pakistan goes out and starts looking for a man to marry herself!It is understood that her second husband has no idea about Salma’s past life or past affairs.Salma is so beghairat he says ,that she is now trying to have a child with her second husband, through surrogacy which is haraam and completely forbidden in Islam, can you believe this?

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