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According to this model, awareness of risk behavior emerges through three stages.If people are to become fully aware of a risk behavior and are to become motivated to change this behavior, they have to proceed through all three stages.Most people in the Netherlands know that eating too much fat and too little fruit and vegetables is bad for health, and they agree that many people eat too much fat and not enough fruit and vegetables.However, fewer than one-third of the population perceive their own diet to be too high in fat or too low in fruit and vegetables.Significant differences in awareness and intention to change were found between the intervention and control group at post-test.The tailored intervention was appreciated better, was rated as more personally relevant, and had more subjective impact on opinion and intentions to change than the general nutrition information. The results indicate that interactive, web-based computer-tailored nutrition education can lead to changes in determinants of behavior.Although the vast majority of the Dutch population eat too much fat and not enough fruit and vegetables, most people are not motivated to change to healthier diets (Brug ., 1997).

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The most recent Dutch national food consumption survey has shown that between 19, fruit and vegetable consumption decreased from 125 to 105 g of fruit and from 141 to 123 g of vegetables, while Dutch nutrition authorities recommend eating at least two pieces of fruit and 200 g of vegetables per day (Voedingscentrum, 1998).

More extensive exploration is needed in order to examine the possibilities for applying tailored messages to influence different health-related behaviors, using different information sources and communicating through different channels.

The present study aims to contribute to the more extensive exploration, in that it explores the immediate impact of computer tailoring via a new channel.

According to Weinstein, the third stage of awareness can be achieved by giving personalized feedback on individual risk behavior (personal feedback) as well as information about the risk behavior of others (normative feedback) (Weinstein, 1988).

As regards awareness of dietary habits, people should be provided with accurate information about their own fat, fruit and vegetable consumption levels, and those of others.

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