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Many of these quaint, retro spaces in Pune are giving way to high-rises, multiplexes and 5-star properties.So if you want a taste of Pune’s old-world charm, get there before it’s too late.Insider Vaidehi Mirashi tells you how to enjoy its quiet charm.Sunrise at Sinhagad Fort Capturing the essence of Pune, Sinhagad Fort is an eminent historic site.

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Reserve a table well in advance at its poolside Indian restaurant, and you can enjoy a quiet dinner for two with a great view of the city before you.

This restaurant successfully transports you away from the crowded city to an experience not many eateries can boast of in that area. Shisha Café – Koregaon Park Imagine a long drive through a lush green forest on a rainy day, with the wind blowing in your hair and a slight mist in the horizon.

This is the feeling you get as you sit down at your table for two at Shisha Café.

The service is a little slow, so you might want to go there with ample amount of time. Prem’s – Koregaon Park Here’s something that will immediately take you back to the good old days when Pune was known for being a quiet, green town with quaint cafés that served copious amounts of mouth-watering food. Addah – Koregaon Park A poolside restaurant with soft lighting on the roof top of O Hotel has all the elements needed to make it a romantic dinner destination.

Sit under a roof of trees in a spacious setting with some of the most delicious food in town. A table for two by the pool, candle light, soft music, a warm ambiance and the perfect partner make this a perfect celebration. Paasha – Senapati Bapat Road Surrounded by the hills around Pune, with ambient lighting, trendy music and a strong breeze setting the mood, Paasha is a perfect dinner destination for those looking at a fancy date to impress their partners. We suggest you head to this gorgeous rooftop lounge right away! Level 12 – Chinchwad Imagine a date with your loved one under a starry sky occasionally dotted with airplanes, ambient music in the background, the sound of water creating a soothing environment and a strong breeze that makes you reach out for your sweater even in the middle of May.

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