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UK Dog Chat Great selection of discussion boards (breed specific, nutrition, general dog chat, etc.) as well as good links to dog information sites ... Up At Six Bird Chat Up At Six is a discussion board for bird lovers. Pet People's Place GREAT pet owner live forum where you can post questions and help other pet owners ...All bird types seem to get good representation - parrots, Asiatic birds, Amazon native birds, cockatiels, canary breeds and more. Bird Toys Horse Chat Forum is more than a horse chat site... You can post questions, read articles, add you opinions on training and more. Also, check out Equine Site Ask The Vet Great online pet resource. Check out these pet lover personals where true animal lovers find human companionship. all pets seem represented: Dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles and other various small pets.More More New Age/Psychic Chat Pet Perscriptions Get top quality, name brand perscriptions for your dog, cat or bird at discount prices. Entirely Pets is YOUR place for online pet perscriptions (both traditional medication and alternative! The Pet Hobbyist Chat Excellent pet chat room and a very informative site. Animal Forum HUGE collection of animal forums supported by animal lovers everywhere. Feed An Animal In Need Animal rescue site that helps feed and care for animals displaced by people who really ought not to own animals ... Dog Mania A large, popular dog forum for those crazy about dogs. ) Cat's Play Outstanding place to find anything and everything to pamper your cat ... and speciality items (have your cat's picture added to a blanket, etc.). Dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, exotic animals and even insects and reptiles are represented. Horses, dogs, cats, fish and small animals all represented. contributions help all sorts of animals in animal shelters and sanctuaries. Cat Solutions Do you have a cat with behavior problems?

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