Laptop constantly updating mcafee

Norton injects a virus only they can get rid of, and sometimes they can't even fix their own virus.

Norton users switched to Avast, but I do recommend once you have your 30 days, switch to AVG and Malware Bytes, preferably Spybot. use, as it's free and it obviously misses somethings, slows down performance, etc. First I was not sure if the issue was avast, the website or the IE.

Its light on resources, free, pretty accurate and has, for example, coped with every USB malware my students could throw at me (not that they do it on purpose, just every 80 of the machines in this country are infested including the park in the computer study hall).

The add-ons have multiplied like wildfire as well, and no, I don't need a browser, or a firewall, just a file based protection. But my students need more, so even the extras don't bother me. for years I used to recommend it when asked without hesitation but recent developments are getting me to consider alternatives.

Just turn off what you don't want and pay up if you want the luxury version. It still works well and provides excellent protection BUT the software is getting more like Ad Ware by the week with ever increasing pop-ups nagging you to upgrade or buy something else add to that the inclusion of a new browser that it don't want and didn't ask for and the irritations are piling up. I disabled the full browser scan or "lookout", cause it slows down my Firefox and Chrome every time!

I have tried AVG, Panda, and some other antivirus It can be scheduled to run whenever I want it to....usually taking about 37 minutes for a Full Scan. I use the File System Shield, and Ma Avast is great, especially compared to Norton.

While full featured, the EULA is too wide ranging (my opinion) in what it allows the software to do.

If you are ok with that, then the product is effective.

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For years Avast was the only free Anti-Virus I would use or recommend. And the final reason I am moving away from Avast is that it seems to take longer and longer for Windows to boot up with it installed.

If this is the problem can someone please guide me through the page file resizing.

-I rarely download anything on my c drive and if i do i transfer it to my 1tb storage drive.

If configured correctly you'd be hard pressed to find a better anti-virus program.

I would and do recommend it as a first rate solution to all. Very reliable always alerting my PC when it "smells" of a "malware" visit/attack.

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