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So here is my take; Uhuru and Ruto devised a strategy to get Mudavadi on their side at all costs, even promising the world if possible, and the rest would be sorted out later.

That is why they signed a document which was not even meant to be deposited anywhere. But now they have him where they want, and even his team concedes jumping off now has legal implications.

We said in 2002 he ignored the bird when after crossing Uhuru Highway to join Liberal Democratic Party alongside Raila, Kalonzo, late Prof George Saitoti, and Mr Joseph Kamotho – all literally Kanu’s top cream – he turned back and rejoined the cockerel party.

His reward was to be VP for three months, and ticket to be Uhuru’s running mate.

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After he signed the deal I asked whether Mudavadi would this time listen to the little bird chirping around his ears.

You would have been forgiven if on looking at Mudavadi’s chubby face, you asked if he was at a burial.

He appeared to be in deep thought and grappling with the turmoil caused by conflicting emotions.

It was a race against time because this was the last day for parties to deposit their pre-election agreements with the Registrar of Political Parties.

They looked desperate, and in Mudavadi’s mind, he must have felt their lives depended on him.

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