Dating my ex again

Well I am trying to look at so many things and I still dont see it but one thing I know I dont do is listen when I get angry I just see red. This is frustrating but seriously I dont think I am unbearable and I think I am a great person but at times this makes me wonder if he says this and my ex said similar things then some times I do have a problem with but the relationship isnt all me.Everyone tells me to wait dont date just focus on me and I do but I do get lonely and I do want to be touched and it hurts.I like my ex alot but I think he is right at times but not all the time.At this time I see things within him that makes me angry but I guess he isnt going to grow up and I do have to just fall back and just take care of me.I was furious and I told him that I was ambitious but I was angry and I could not speak to him because i just was not able to see what he saying so we broke up.

We discussed it and he explained that he wanted a woman who will be just as ambitious as him.

He admit he was wrong and was going to get things right and get me back. Honestly I was very angry with him and I know within our relationship we had an understanding so I thought but he really ruined it by lyiing to me.

Thats the one thing i was upset about cause I was honest with him about my life from the beginning.

Anyway iw would be so hurt I would lash out and tell him about himself.

It was wrong cause it didnt make the situation better.

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