Consolidating 2 itunes accounts

Your Apple ID is the email and password you use with Apple devices including Macs, i Phones and i Pads.

The Apple ID enables you to sign in to i Cloud, use services like Find My i Phone, send email and - most importantly - make purchases from the Apple Store.

On reflection we'd probably advise option 2, take a look at the unwanted account and decide what apps and media you purchased on it (sign in with i Tunes and choose Account Purchased). Read next: Complete guide: How to update i OS on i Phone or i Pad One option is to use Apple's new Family Sharing feature.

Make a list of any Music, Films, TV Programmes and Apps you really want and decide if you are prepared to purchase them again. This service enables you to place the Apple IDs of your family under one parental account. While it's aimed at family members, you can use up to five Apple ID accounts and they can be your old accounts.

When i Cloud Family Sharing was introduced in June 2014, this configuration became a problem for anyone with two Apple IDs and the desire to share content with their family, because Apple doesn’t provide a way to set up i Cloud Family sharing for two different accounts.

Depending on the way a person has been using the two Apple IDs, certain content is going to be permanently unavailable for Family Sharing.

So if you have used more than one Apple ID, and made purchases from multiple Apple ID accounts, then you have two options: Neither option is particularly attractive and we've tried both.

Is there any way to merge the two Apple accounts and keep all my purchases?

Any purchases you make on either account will be paid for by your main account.

Read more: How to set up Family Sharing on your i Phone Technically you can only sign in to i Cloud with one account.

Waving goodbye to any purchases you've made on an account is also galling.

It's worth noting that you don't actually lose them, but you do lose access to them if you don't want to use both accounts.

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