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Attached was a sex toy that had traces of DNA from Pickton and one of the victims.Pickton is being tried on the first six counts, after Justice James Williams ruled that the other 20 charges should be heard in a later trial to avoid overburdening the jury.

Gussets of white caribou skin on each side of the hood resemble walrus tusks. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

John Shields, 78, decided to die by the controversial method of assisted suicide - and allowed the New York Times to film his dying moments.

The former Catholic priest didn't let the Church's stance against the practice dictate how he chose to die and still had a spiritual poem read before he was euthanized.

A Canadian pig farmer on trial for killing dozens of women and feeding them to his animals told police that he was planning one final murder to bring his tally to an “even 50”, the prosecutor said.

At the start of what promises to be a gory year-long trial, Derrill Prevett, representing the state, told the court in Vancouver that Robert “Willie” Pickton had confessed to killing 49 women.

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