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Mc Clurkin, 56, said he’d known Mullen for 15 years but this was the first time they’d been able to have a real conversation.

Belgium does originality like no other brewing nation.

But despite growing success with exports, there is no better place to go sampling than the country's own unique blend of cafes, brasseries and 'tea-rooms'.

Author Tim Webb explains where to find the best brews in Brussels The Germans may be top at brewing pure, obsessively honed lagers and smaller British breweries may have cornered the market in hand-drawn 'real' draught ales, but only the Belgians can claim to make beers like no other, in a diversity of styles that outstrips the rest of the world.Brussels is a ragbag of grand architecture and messy streets, so to get the best from the city you need to know where to go.Brussels' famous Grand' Place is the only Unesco World Heritage site to host an annual beer festival (the first weekend of September).The news of the engagement was made this past Thursday night on the on TBN’s long-running “Praise the Lord” ministry show.Two of his sisters dealt with substance abuse problems, and that's when the young Mc Clurkin found solace in his going to a church; and, also through an aunt of his who sang background vocals with gospel music musician, Andraé Crouch.

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