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- Lack of displays of affection in public (hand-holding) armenian men are idiots when it comes to this...

however im not sure if there are social pressures from outside - Women scolded for expressing their views wow...

Of course, this issue is not exclusive to Armenians, yet it is a very valid concern for us.

It's more difficult to keep an educated woman "in line".

they are still surrounded by the "culture" and its established cultural norms they feel that culture's pull in their relationship.

I'd like to take this discussion into that direction.

I think it's more to the fact that men and women have different interests, and the separation happens without any effort.

Also I think there is another reason which is women like to form little groups in order to get their private informations from each other.

I personally feel that show of affection in public should be in moderation, so that it doesn't look like you are advertising yourself.

And I'm talking about an established couple, not the newly formed lovey-dovey couple.

Now, how does this fit in to the cultural norms I'm talking about?

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