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I had previously worked in App Inventor where I faced the same needs and also wrote a tutorial ( ) that has received (and continues to receive) quite a few visits, so I’ve thought providing an analogous work for App Engine could also be helpful for others.

We’re going to implement server side support for an app that requires user identification.

If this is the case, you can have a look at these two posts: – several ways to solve problems when using the This post explains how to encrypt passwords in order to implement a login system in App Engine.

When we set up a login system our main concern is security. And security means making it as hard as possible for a hacker to fake the system in order to get information from other users.

As for the specific ones concerning password encryption, I’ll simply address you to those mentioned by M.Take into account that hashing must be slow for the system to be secure, but you can of course decide how long are your users willing to wait.In my case, I’ve made it slightly faster than current recommendations.Those interested in deepening further in this fascinating world can skip the remainder of the post and go directly to the excellent article by Brian M.Hunt Storing passwords using Python which in turn is based on the theory explained in the Q & A about Information Security from Stack Exchange.

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