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Purposely get the other person’s name wrong, in an email or otherwise — that’s been known to do the trick. Refuse to respond to emails or requests in which you’re addressed by the wrong name, and when you’re asked about it later, say that you thought they were talking to someone else.

Management of scenic and historic landscapes and other background tourism elements is problematic because they very frequently are what property rights theorists call “common pool” resources.

L'administration du patrimoine historique et scénique est problématique, parce qu'il s'agit de ce que les théoristes du droit des biens appellent des “biens communs.” Ces ressources souffrent des dégâts quand on s'en abuse et du manque d'investissements pour améliorer leur productivité.

Some Corporette readers who always get called the wrong name have kept their sanity by not saying anything — only if it’s not a huge mistake (perhaps it’s along the lines of Jan/Janet, above) and the person is someone they don’t expect to interact with again. Say your name is Elizabeth and you strongly prefer Liz, but coworkers keep calling you Elizabeth anyway.

One gave a couple of examples of people she doesn’t bother to correct: baristas and … Check with IT — maybe they can change your display name to Liz in the office email system.

Leggett’s death will be chronicled in an in-depth investigative feature in Hank Nuwer’s 2018 book “Hazing: Destroying Young Lives” (Indiana University Press). Leggett buried his namesake who was the first male to die in pledging.

4) 1885 A Hazelton, Pennsylvania High School School hazing Gauntlet Newspapers across the country reported that the son of Edward Turnbach died of injuries from a beating administered by fellow students on September 19.

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